Raise your capital by building a community of investors to support your business

Why choose ezeseed?


Eze and fast fund raise


Raise private round
Your network your net worth


Startup fundraising tools


Seamless process

Comparison of various Asset Class

Asset Class 10 years Rs. 100 invested, Rs. 184 inflation Adjusted
Mutual Funds Rs. 289
Stocks Rs. 252
Gold Rs. 192.5
FD Rs. 207.3
Real Estate Rs. 269
Startups Rs. 900


Important Questions

Your first step is to visit https://ezeseed.com/home/reg_founder and apply.

You have to undergo various stages of due diligence, starting with basic due diligence and followed by legal and financial due diligence.

The fees which you have to pay starts from INR 1,499. You only pay when you qualify for the next stage.